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ProMatrix Priority Support Plans

ProMatrix Priority Support PlansSome ProMatrix users require priority support to meet deadlines or to simply help understand complex Visual ProMatrix issues. This page describes the ProMatrix Priority Support plans available to you and shows the charge for each plan. To purchase ProMatrix Priority Support, click the Purchase link in the top menu.

ProMatrix Priority Support can be purchased:

  • on a per incident basis,
  • on an annual basis in sets of 10 Support Units, or
  • as part of the ProMatrix Gold Priority Plan.

ProMatrix Priority Developer

Priority Developer support provides email assistance with any ProMatrix Product. Choose from the following options:

  • Pay per-incident support paid by credit card:
    • $45 per Support Unit used; a Support Unit is 15 minutes of ProMatrix staff time; any part of a Support Unit used counts as a full Unit.
  • Annual accounts that provide:
    • Support for multiple users
    • 10 Support Units per year ($400)

Note: Unused Support Units under all Plans expire one year from date of purchase.

ProMatrix Gold Priority Plan

The ProMatrix Gold Priority Plan is designed for the individual ProMatrix Developer who expects to need private email support on a priority basis. The Gold Priority Plan provides unlimited email support requests per year.

The ProMatrix Gold Priority Plan can be yours for just $595 per year.