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VPMS and VPME Training Videos


Learn VPM Standard and Enterprise in your home or office at your own pace! VPM Training Videos will teach you VPM Standard and VPM Enterprise (pre-VPME 9.1) at your convenience in the comfort of your own home or office. VPME 9.1 has its own unique set of Training Videos. The Training Videos offered here are for pre-VPME 9.1 versions of VPM Enterprise, as well as VPM Standard.

Learn to Harness the Power of Visual ProMatrix

To help you harness all the power that VPM Standard and pre-VPME 9.1 versions of VPM Enterprise provide, we have created this VPM Video Training course.

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced: Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced VPM user, we recommend the VPM Training Videos. If you are a beginner, you will learn new skills that you never thought you could learn so easily. If you are an intermediate or advanced user, you will see parts of VPM you never knew were there, and you will learn new tricks and techniques that will make the videos pay for themselves many times over.

Based on over 15 years of experience teaching developers to use Visual ProMatrix, we have put together 20+ hours of video instruction (wmv files) that detail the essence of VPM Standard and Enterprise in a way that will have you creating professional VPM applications by the time you finish the last lesson.

You're in Control: Of course, the beauty of VPM Video Training is that you control when and where your training takes place. Whenever you need a refresher on a covered topic, you can simply play a video on your computer and review the topic again.


What's Included

The VPM Training Videos cover all aspects of VPM Standard and pre-VPME 9.1 VPM Enterprise.

  • 18 Hours - 30 Lessons: Over 14 hours of VPMS and VPME training videos in 23 video lessons plus 4 hours in 7 additional lessons dedicated to the extended functionality of VPM Enterprise.
  • Synched with VPM User's Guide: The videos follow the flow of the chapters in the VPM Enterprise User’s Guide. As a result, you can easily refer to the chapter that matches a video when you want more detail on a specific topic.
  • Equivalent to Live VPM Classes: These training videos are equivalent to our Mastering VPME and Solutions Workshop live classes that cost many times as much, not counting travel and lodging costs to attend.
  • Good-Quality Downloadable Files: At one time, ProMatrix Training Videos were too large to download and had to be shipped to you on CDs. However, we found a way to produce good quality videos that are 20% the size of the CD videos. That means it is now practical for you to download the Training Videos from the ProMatrix Web and avoid shipping charges and delivery time. Further, because we no longer have to create and ship CDs, we can reduce the price of the downloadable videos.
  • Player: The downloadable videos are WMV files that you can play in Windows Media Player or a comparable media player for WMV files.
  • Benefits: Benefits of the Downloadable Training Videos include: (1) Save shipping cost ($20 US; $60 International). (2) Get them immediately without waiting.


VPM Video Training Lesson List

The VPM Training Videos include the lessons listed in the table below.

Lesson Size
01 Overview of VPM 17.4MB
02 Overview of VPM Sample Application 6.5MB
03 Setting Up VFP/VPM 8.1MB
04 Creating Applications 5.5MB
05 Starting an Application 9.6MB
06 OOP 21.5MB
07 Anatomy of a VPM Application 25.0MB
08 Application Options 9.1MB
09 Building Menus 7.2MB
10 Data Builder 3.0MB
11 Databases 3.3MB
12 Tables and Views 25.8MB
13 Fields 34.1MB
14 Creating Application Objects 10.8MB
15 VPM Classes 22.6MB
16 Creating Forms Basics 14.4MB
17 Creating Forms Builders 44.6MB
18 Form Toolbar 18.3MB
19 Related Forms 7.5MB
20 Tips and Techniques 28.5MB
21 Application Toolbar 5.2MB
22 Security User Access 10.8MB
23 Message Manager 8.1MB
VPM Enterprise Additional Videos:
24 Security - Menu 53.4MB
25 Security - Field 21.8MB
26 Security - Control 33.6MB
27 Administrative Tools 65.9MB
28 Report Manager 45.1MB
29 Product Builder 54.8MB
30 Update Builder 44.1MB