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VPME 9.1 Training Videos

Learn VPM Enterprise 9.1 in your home or office at your own pace! VPME 9.1 Training Videos will teach you VPME 9.1 at your convenience in the comfort of your own home or office. Over 25 hours of video instruction that will teach you VPME 9.1 inside-out -- from soup to nuts! Follow along as Steve Smith, the principal developer of Visual ProMatrix, takes you on a tour of VPME 9.1 as only he can.

Learn to Harness the Power of VPM Enterprise 9.1

VPM Enterprise 9.1 is the professional framework for Visual FoxPro. VPME 9.1 is the most powerful framework available for Visual FoxPro. To help you harness all the power that VPME 9.1 provides, we have created this VPME 9.1 Video Training course.

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced: Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced VPME 9.1 user, we recommend the VPME 9.1 Training Videos. If you are a beginner, you will learn new skills that you never thought you could learn so easily. If you are an intermediate or advanced user, you will see parts of VPME 9.1 you never knew were there, and you will learn new tricks and techniques that will make the videos pay for themselves many times over.

Based on over 15 years of experience teaching developers to use Visual ProMatrix, we have put together 25+ hours of video instruction (wmv files) that detail the essence of VPME 9.1 in a way that will have you creating professional VPME 9.1 applications by the time you finish the last lesson.

You're in Control: Of course, the beauty of VPME 9.1 Video Training is that you control when and where your training takes place. Whenever you need a refresher on a covered topic, you can simply play a video on your computer and review the topic again.

VPM Enterprise 9.1 Mobile Training Videos: You can carry the VPM Enterprise 9.1 Training Videos with you wherever you go. Whether you're in the car, on a plane or in a waiting room, you can be learning to use VPME 9.1 to the fullest. The VPME 9.1 Training Videos are now available as MP4 files optimized for playback on mobile video devices such as iPhones, iPods, Blackberries, Android phones, Zunes, etc. The complete set of 41 video lessons - over 25 hours - are available for only $49.

Note: The MP4 Training Videos play great on the mobile devices for which they are intended. However, ProMatrix does not warrant the quality of the MP4 files for play with computer desktop media players. For desktop media players, the normal wmv Training Videos work best.


VPME 9.1 Sample Training Videos

There's no better way to demonstrate the quality, depth and detail of the VPME 9.1 Training Videos than to watch them.

This first video shows the first 10 minutes of the Menu Security lesson. VPME automatically adds menu security to your applications.

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The next video shows the first 10 minutes of the User Access Security lesson. VPME automatically adds user access security to your applications.

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What's Included

The VPME 9.1 Training Videos cover all aspects of VPME 9.1.

  • 25 Hours - 41 Lessons: Over 25 hours of training videos in 41 video lessons designed to teach you to use VPM Enterprise 9.1 to create professional Visual FoxPro applications.
  • Synched with VPME 9.1 User's Guide: The first 38 videos follow the flow of the chapters in the VPM Enterprise 9.1 User’s Guide. As a result, you can easily refer to the chapter that matches a video when you want more detail on a specific topic.
  • Bonus Video Lessons: Videos 39 - 41 are bonus videos covering Advanced Tips and Techniques related to applications, forms and data.
  • Equivalent to Live VPME Classes: These training videos are equivalent to our Mastering VPME and Solutions Workshop live classes that cost many times as much, not counting travel and lodging costs to attend.
  • Good-Quality Downloadable Files: At one time, ProMatrix Training Videos were too large to download and had to be shipped to you on CDs. However, we found a way to produce good quality videos that are 20% the size of the CD videos. That means it is now practical for you to download the Training Videos from the ProMatrix Web and avoid shipping charges and delivery time. Further, because we no longer have to create and ship CDs, we can reduce the price of the downloadable videos.
  • The 41 individual video download files range in size from 4MB to 54MB. In addition, all 41 video files are included in one 770MB zip file for those who can download a file of that size.
  • Player: The downloadable videos are WMV files that you can play in Windows Media Player or a comparable media player for WMV files.
  • Benefits: Benefits of the Downloadable Training Videos include: (1) Save shipping cost ($20 US; $60 International). (2) Get them immediately without waiting.


VPME 9.1 Video Training Lesson List

The VPME 9.1 Training Videos include the lessons and subjects listed in the table below. The table also shows the time devoted to each Lesson.

The “Chapter / Subject” column shows the VPM Enterprise 9.1 User’s Guide chapter that corresponds to a video and the User’s Guide page number for the chapter.

Because the Advanced Tips and Techniques videos ( 39 – 41) cover multiple, unrelated subjects, the “Chapter / Subject” column for those videos shows the subjects covered in each video and the Time column shows the start time and length of each video.

Lesson Chapter / Subject
01 VPME Overview Overview - 23
02 VPME Basic Mechanics
Basic Mechanics - 35
03_Overview of VPME Sample Application
The Sample Application - 48
04 Creating Applications - Basic Steps
Creating Applications: Basic Steps - 58
05 Starting a New Application
Starting a New Application - 67
06 Application Options
Application Options - 73
07 Building Menus
Building Menus - 91
08 Building Data - The Data Builder
Building Data: The Data Builder - 99
09 Building Data - Databases
Building Data: Databases - 109
10 Building Data - Tables
Building Data: Tables - 113
11 Building Data - Views
Building Data: Views - 139
12 Building Data - CursorAdapters
Building Data: CursorAdapters - 173 40:19
13 Building Data - Fields
Building Data: Fields - 198
14 Building Data - Picklist Help
Building Data: Picklist Help - 233
15 Creating Application Objects
Creating Application Objects - 255
16 Building Messages
Building Messages - 277
17 VPM Enterprise Classes
VPM Enterprise Classes - 287
18 Creating Forms - The Basics
Creating Forms: The Basics - 301
19 Creating Forms - The Builders
Creating Forms: Builders - 317
20 Creating Forms - Form Toolbar
Creating Forms: Form Toolbar - 361
21 Creating Forms - Tips and Techniques
Creating Forms: Tips & Techniques - 395
22 Creating Forms - Related Forms
Creating Forms: Related Forms - 415
23 Data Handler and Business Rules
Data Handler & Business Rules - 421
24 Application Toolbar
Application Toolbar - 433
25 Building Reports, Labels and Queries
Building Reports, Labels & Queries - 435
26 Security - User Access
Security User Access - 465
27 Security - Menu Security: Menu - 472
28 Security - Field
Security: Field - 480
29 Security - Control
Security: Control - 456, 476
30 Administrative Tools
Administrative Tools - 489
31 Creating a Client-Server Application
Creating a Client-Server Application - 498
32 Multilingual - Creating a Multilingual Application
Multilingual: Creating a Multilingual Application - 508
33 Multilingual - Managing Languages
Multilingual: Managing Languages - 521
34 Multilingual - Creating Message Translations
Multilingual: Creating Message Translations - 535
35 Multilingual - Creating String Translations
Multilingual: Creating String Translations - 541
36 Multilingual - Running a VPME Multilingual Application
Multilingual: Running a VPME Multilingual Application - 568
37 Packaging Your Product
Packaging Your Product - 572
38 Packaging Your Update
Packaging Your Update - 580
39 Advanced Tips and Techniques - Application

Identifying the Status of Administrative Tools (Identifying whether or not a particular VPM application administrative tool is turned on.)

S 0:08
L 8:42

How to Control an Application’s VFP Search Path (Controlling the VFP search path that is used to find files in a VPM application.) S 8:50
L 14:41

Bypass VPM Error Handling (How to temporarily bypass the VPM error handling to better handle certain errors.) S 23:31
L 10:03

40 Advanced Tips and Techniques - Form

Active Forms Array (Definition of the Active Forms array. Using the Active Forms array to access a method or property of another active form.) S 0:08
L 12:39

Using the GetActiveForm Method (Using the GetActiveForm method to retrieve the object reference of the currently active form instead of using _SCREEN.ActiveForm.) S 12:47
L 8:41

Accessing Toolbar Functionality at Form Startup (Initiating toolbar functionality at form startup.) S 21:28
L 7:22

Related Pages: Creating Toolbar List Definitions (Creating toolbar List definitions for non-ISA pages of a Related Pages form.) S 28:50
L 20:38

Related Pages: Controlling the Toolbar by Page (Controlling the use of toolbar buttons by page on a Related Pages form.) S 49:28
L 9:07

Combobox: How to Allow Users to Reset to Default Value (Specifying a key or key combination that resets a combobox value to its default value.) S 58:35
L 11:39

Data Dictionary Record Objects (Using the data dictionary record objects that are created automatically at form instantiation.) S 70:14
L 13:49
41 Advanced Tips and Techniques - Data

How to Switch Among Multiple Data Sets (How to handle multiple data sets by manipulating the VFP search path.) S 0:09
L 12:18

Security: How to Access the User Table (How to retrieve and update information in the encrypted data in the User table.) S 12:27
L 20:27