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VPM Editions Comparison

VPM Enterprise 9.1 is the flagship edition of the ProMatrix frameworks line, and is the state-of-the-art framework for Visual FoxPro. VPME allows you to create VFP applications ranging from (1) simple VFP applications using local tables to (2) sophisticated mission-critical, n-tier, client-server applications with SQL Server, Oracle, etc. back ends. VPME gives your applications tools and features found in only the most professional database applications.

VPM Standard allows you to create simple or sophisticated applications using local tables and views. VPM Standard provides a ProMatrix framework that every VFP developer can afford - it's free. VPM Standard is a great way to get started with Visual ProMatrix. VPM Standard provides more tools and features than any VFP framework in its class. Even if you've never created a VFP app before, you can with VPM Standard.
VPM Editions Comparison Chart

VPM Comparison Chart

The chart below compares the VPM Enterprise and Standard Editions. Both share the same foundation. The differences are (1) in the tools provided for application development and (2) in the tools and features provided in the end applications they create. To better understand the VPM and end-application features listed below, download and use the VPM Documentation to become more familiar with VPM.


Feature Std. Ent. Other*
Visual ProMatrix Features:      
Development Organization  
Application Manager  
Client-Server Development Support  
N-Tier Development Support  
All VPM Form Classes  
All VPM Control Classes  
Application Builder  
Menu Builder  
Shortcut Menus  
Data Builder  
Message Builder  
Report Builder  
Object Builder  
Object Editors  
Introductory Form  
Startup Form  
Data Dictionary: Fully-Active, Extensions  
Data Dictionary: Free Table Support  
Data Dictionary: View Support  
Data Dictionary: CursorAdapter Support  
Data Integrity - Domain, Entity, Referential  
Compound Keys for Referential Integrity  
User-Defined Field Validation  
Primary Key Generator  
Forms: Private Data Sessions  
Forms: Multiple Instances  
Forms: Run without building application  
Forms: Data-Driven Sizing & Labels  
Toolbars: On-Form or External  
Application Toolbar  
Form Class & Builder: Basic Form  
Form Class & Builder: Pageframes  
Form Class & Builder: One-To-Many  
Form Class & Builder: Related Pages  
Form Class & Builder: Toolbar List Control  
Control Builder: Basic  
Control Builder: Editable Grid  
Control Builder: List Grid  
Related Forms  
Menu & Form Help  
Field Help Picklist Grid with Incremental Search  
Field-Level Help Builder  
Product Builder  
Update Builder  
Copy Project  
Logo Builder  
Administrative Tools Selection  
ProMatrix Administrative Tools  
Builder Source Code  
Multilingual Toolkit  
Source Control & Team Development  
End Application Features:      
Multi-User Capability  
Error Handling & Error Log  
Environment Control  
Data Manager  
Report Manager  
Message Manager  
Menu and Form Context Help Engine  
Administrative Reports  
Condition Builder  
Reindex / Pack  Tables Utility  
Administrative Tools Control  
Security - System Access  
Security - Menu  
Security - Fields  
Security - Controls  
Field F3 Textual Help  
Audit Trail  
Activity Tracking  
Shared Data  
Support - 30 Days ProMatrix Priority Email Support  

* Use the "Other" column to compare other VFP frameworks.