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ProMatrix Is Your Complete Visual FoxPro Solution

ProMatrix is your complete solution for creating professional Visual FoxPro applications in record time. ProMtrix provides:

  • VPM Standard: A free Visual FoxPro framework that meets the needs of many VFP developers.
  • VPM Enterprise: A state-of-the art Visual FoxPro framework for developers who need more.
  • Frameworks for every Visual FoxPro version - VFP 6.0, VFP 7.0, VFP 8.0 & VFP 9.0.
  • VPME 9.1 Training Videos: To teach you to use the VPME 9.1 framework.
  • Technical Support: To help you use the VPM frameworks.

To learn more about the ProMatrix products available to you, follow the links on this page.