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VPME to SQL Toolkit

On March 23, 2011, we reported that we were working on a VPME to MS SQL Server Toolkit for release this spring. Well, spring ends today. So, we thought a news update was in order.

As a result of our March 23 post, we received a lot of feedback from ProMatrix users asking if we were also going to provide a VPME to MySQL Toolkit.

We had planned to eventually turn to MySQL, but given the interest in MySQL, we have decided to give a MySQL Toolkit a boost in priority.

Currently, we are working on making our SQL Server and MySQL system data tables equivalent primarily in terms of data types.

We have a new poll on the ProMatrix Home page asking for your plans regarding client-server applications using VPME to create the front-end. If you will be creating client-server applications, the poll asks whether you will be using a MS SQL Server or MySQL backend. Please participate in our new poll.

This week and next we'll be posting more info regarding the rollout of our VPME to SQL Toolkit. We'll be using the ProMatrix Forums to discuss several important issues with you. If you have a burning need for the new Toolkit, please participate in those discussions.