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VPME 9.1 Tutorial Downloads

The VPME 9.1 Tutorial is designed to give you a quick, but deep, view of how to create Visual FoxPro applications with VPME 9.1. As you progress through the Tutorial, you create a real VPME 9.1 application that even includes a form that accesses non-VFP data files (i.e., remote data).

Learn What VPM Enterprise 9.1 Can Do and How to Use It

The VPME 9.1 Tutorial covers a lot of material. Users who make a serious commitment to go through the Tutorial will certainly learn what VPME can do for them and how to use it.The VPME 9.1 Tutorial is available in the following two forms, which you can download from the table below.

  • A manual that you can print or read with an Adobe Acrobat PDF file reader.
  • A Help file that you can access from the VPME 9.1 Help menu.


Document Description Download File
VPME 9.1 Tutorial Manual The VPME 9.1Tutorial manual is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file that you can open, read and print with an Adobe Acrobat reader .

VPME 9.1 Tutorial Help File

The VPME 9.1 Tutorial Help file is a Microsoft compiled HTML Help file (sapptutorial.chm) that you can access from the VPME 9.1 Help menu.
  • If you have VPME 9.1.12a or later, this file is already included in your VPME 9.1 installation.
  • If you have VPME 9.1 version 9.1.12 or earlier, download this zip file and extract the sapptutorial.chm file to your VPME 9.1 home directory (normally, \vpme91) to replace the existing sapptutorial.chm. The file contains the following files that help you create a form to access remote data:
  • Northwind.mdb - an MS Access database for which you will create a VFP remote view and a VFP form.
  • Bitmap photo files that you will display on the Northwind VFP form.
  • VPME Tutorial - Northwind Employees Form Code.txt - contains VFP code that you will need for the Northwind form.

You should download this zip file and extract its contents into your VPME 9.1 home directory (normally, \vpme91).
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